We have been informed by the BPA (British Pig Association) that we are now in Group 4 as we have 14 registered gilts and sows.  Our latest acquisitions are a Dandy and Sybil, both in pig and due to farrow soon.  Our Clare (Hetty) and Lady, senior Lady sow, are due at any time and already all their piglets have been sold.  Our youngest gilts, Clarissa, young Duchess (cc) and Phyllis are with our new young boar at the moment.  He is a young Clarence that we bought recently from Jane Mathews, the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Society Chair.  Our senior boar is Butts Farm Alistair and we also have a young Jack boar, bought back in, whose dam is from our original Clare line.  We now have 9 of the 13 female lines and 3 of the 4 male lines.