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Welsh Pony Stud Oxfordshire

Welsh Ponies and Cobs for Sale, Oxfordshire

We may have young stock available now.

Please telephone or email us if you have an enquiry.

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Manorfields Stud: Welsh Pony Stud, Oxfordshire, UK

Manorfields Stud, a Cotswold based Welsh Pony Stud, was established in 1971 with Section As Cwnantgwyn Haley, Dyrin Funfair and Sunrising Poppy.

Manorfields Pirate
Manorfields Pirate

We now breed four types of Welsh Pony - the Welsh Mountain Pony Section A, the Welsh Pony Section B, the Welsh Pony of Cob Type Section C and the Welsh Cob Section D.

Sunrising Trifle with Colt Foal Manorfields Todd at Foot
Sunrising Trifle with colt foal Manorfields Todd at foot
Monolaw Maggie May, Section B
Monolaw Maggie May, Section B
DIY Horse Livery in Oxfordshire with Winter and Summer Paddocks

We shall only be breeding from 7 Section A mares, in alternate years.

They are: Manorfields Sable, Manorfields Tiger Lily, Manorfields Peony, Manorfields Kirstin, Manorfields Trifle, Cui Dolly and Synod Little Dazzle.

Our Section A stallion is Pendock Torchlight, he is eleven years old and we are continually pleased with his off-spring.

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